A new model for attracting customers
with a robot

What is iTOUR?

It is a package for remote customer service
using a telepresence robot.

iTOUR (iTOUR) is a new package service that makes it possible to attract and serve customers using a robot, for services including remote sightseeing of tourist destinations or online shopping while viewing a video screen.
In one location, users can have a real, personal shopping experience with the feeling of a tour at sightseeing location.

No special app is needed. One can get started with just an internet connection and a browser. Customers not familiar with smartphone or computer use can also enjoy the service.

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  • Robot x Attracting customers

    Want to show

    Robot x Attracting customers

    • Robot x Attracting customers
    • Remote tours of art museums museums, etc.
    • Watching sports games remotely
  • Robot x Abroad

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    Robot x Abroad

    • A way to increase inbound tourism
    • Translator operators can also join online to break down langage barriers
  • Robot x Promoting sales

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    Robot x Promoting sales

    • With the assistance of a robot, shopping sites can communicate more detailed information about your products.
    • By installing the robot in physical stores, product pickup and requests from online sales are possible.